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CryptoNdani: secure cryptocurrency exchange Website and WEb app

Overview & Problem Statement

The client wanted to make an intuitive cryptocurrency transaction application that his grandmother could figure out. With the current flooding of the market by mostly younger users, the client wanted to make an application process similar to a a bank experience, with a trustworthy and safe feel. 

The innovation in the Web3 and crypto space right now is excellent as there are some really cool things being done, but companies often forget about non-superusers, like my client's grandmother. The goal was to make this an intuitive and simple process while still being innovative. 

Website Design

Users & Audience

The users are anyone who wants to send and receive cryptocurrency in a safe, decentralized application.

Roles & Responsibilities

I was the sole designer and user experience consultant on this project. My responsibilities included designing the website, designing the web app, and maintaining close contact with the development team to ensure that the designs were functional and able to be implemented within the development constraints.


I started out by working with the client to establish branding. We went through multiple rounds of color and font selection before landing on a nice green color, the color of money, to enhance the user's trust in the platform and think of cryptocurrency as no different than any other currency.

The next step was the logo. I wanted to create something that looked like a cryptocurrency, so I made an Ndani coin. The client signed off after a few rounds of feedback and revisions.

Once the branding and logo were finalized, it was time to start on the website. The main goals of this site are to funnel users into the web application, build trust in the company, and answer any questions that users may have about how to use the app. I kept the design fairly simple with the aforementioned goals in mind and worked with the developer to see what questions users may have about the application.

While the site was in the last feedback rounds, I worked with the development team to start designing the app. We worked together closely to ensure that the design included all of the necessary functionality and information needed to send and receive cryptocurrency. 

Once the designs were complete, we walked through the end-to-end experience with the client and their partners for final sign off before development started on the front end. 

During the development process, I remained available in the event that new requirements were discovered or if the development team had any questions about the designs.

Web App Design

Outcomes & Results

After the final handoff to the development team, I did not need to be very involved because we had been in such constant contact during the design process. It was definitely a bonus to have access to the developers throughout the process because we were able to address any issues as they arose, ensure that all requirements were met early, and assess the feasibility of implementation often. 

The results were a website and web app that are usable, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing.


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